Los Angeles



Disneyland is a fair hike from Hollywood, but well worth the trip. Battling the crowds is all part of the fun, when visiting Disneyland. Queuing for everything is mandatory, even for the overpriced food. Most rides require at least a 1 hour wait, unless you have a fast pass (you get 1 fast-pass every hour). We found ourselves budgeting our day around fast-passes which takes some of the fun of the adventure.



Universal Studios

Universal was not as crowded as Disneyland, which made it a much more pleasant experience. The studio tour is a highlight and the themed attractions are entertaining. While at universal studios we also visited Universal City, which is contains many restaurants and associated shops. Here we are posing with Shrek.



America appears to be in the grip of 50's mastalgia. Everything was better in the 50's, and such they try and recreate it with themed cafes. Personally i think nothing beats an American breakfast. However this only last a short time and you soon get sick of all the grease.