I went to Cambodia to visit Ankor Wat. My journey started in Thailand where i took a hellish 12 hour bus ride from Bangkok. While the roads in Thailand are in good condition, the main road into Cambodia was not. Where the road was bitumen, the pot holes were some of the biggest i have ever seen! Then hours travelling on a dirt road shared by many other vehicles. The bridges were almost collapsing and local people make a living out of assisting the busses to cross some of them.



I spent 3 days sightseeing around Akor Wat. The first day i took a motorbike taxi and the remaining two days rode a bicycle around. This is me posing on my girly bicycle with the basket on the front. Although i wouldn't be caught dead riding one of these in Australia, they are very practical!


Left: At this temple, trees appear to sprout from the ruins. Right: This temple’s contains many pillars where the four sides contain images of faces.


Sunset at ankor wat. At around 6pm, everyone climbs (or takes an elephant) up one of the hills to watch the sun go down.