I went with my family to a little island in the Philippines, called Boracay. It is an hours flight from Manila. The Philippines is the only country I have been to where u are forced to hire someone to push your airport trolley from the Terminal to your taxi! Oh and the only country I have been to where the security guards feel you up b4 your enter a shopping mall! Which they do to check from bombs. As we later found out, our hotel in Manila was bombed a couple of months before we stayed there! No wonder it was such a great deal!


This was our hotel in Boracay. Something is to be said about how friendly the people are! I met several people while I was there! Both holiday makers and people appear to be very relaxed. Many of the employees on Boracay were university educated, which says a lot about the state of the economy, which by UN standards, 60% live below the poverty line. Im told that hot water is a luxury.


While I was there I got my hair dyed blonde! And my brother got his hair dyed black. At the airport they got us mixed up! The hair cut took something like 4 hours! Which seems far too long to me<shrug> but I was on holiday so didn't have anything better to do. Of all the stupid things I have done, I managed to crash a motorbike while I was there! So I vow never to go on a motorbike or on any small sailing craft again!


Beer Test


As with most things in the Philippines, the alcohol is cheap! Boracay appears to be a place Gwailos go to get drunk and get laid. This is my brother sipping back on a small lager! This was at the hotel in Manila, its home brew, which I thought tasted pretty bad. Personally I like the cocktails on the beach in Boracay.