Hong Kong

The Hong Kong no one sees. This picture was taken from the 2nd highest peak in HK, sunset peak. It's the mountain u see closest to u when u land in HK. This photo was taken on one of the coldest days in HK history! I happened to be up the mountain that night and this photo was taken in the morning. The whole mountain froze over(something which doesn't happen in HK)!

Living in HK

This is a photo of me when I lived in HK. I lived there for about 3 years. When u are there, you miss things about Australia. But when u come back u realize Australia isn't that great after all! I never liked chinese food much when I lived there. And now I eat it all the time. I think u miss what u can't have.


Here is me again 10 years later! Things have not changed much. China has taken over and unemployment is now greater than zero. But it still seems just as busy. I was surprised how much I remembered and seemed to get around with surprising ease. This picture is taken in Causeway bay.


I don't have a picture drinking beer. Infact im not sure whether they have a local brew. Calsberg is probably the closest thing. Although the cheapest beer was fillo beer(go figure). What was really surprising was the number of Philippine woman there(Im guessing to work as maids)