There are many beautiful things in Japan, but they tend to be nestled in among the many ugly buildings. This is an example of one of the many gardens in Japan. Apparently this is a hobby for many Japanese, they go to these gardens, walk around and get a stamp to say they have been there! They are pretty and uniquely Japanese




I caught the fast train from Tokyo, it takes about 3 hours and costs as much as a plane! When I got there I had a map in Japanese, which wasnt very helpful. I managed to find my hotel, dispite it not having a name in engish! So I just took a good guess! There is one burnt out building from the atomic bomb in Hiroshima, as they have rebuilt the city. The war museum is interesting. But that is all thats here. There appears to be a very large red light district! but that didnt interest me ;)




No tour of a country is complete without sampling the local brew! My general feeling is that like everything else in Japan, the beer is very expensive, however is quite good