This is the famous Liberty Bell. I was very unimpressed!! You enter the building after going though metal detectors(so no one blows up the bell), however its just this small bell with a big crack in it. They have this rather unimpressive but long story about it though.


This is the river, which separates New Jersey from Philadelphia; no one appears to live on the water. Instead they build a Jail on the waterfront!!



Crossing over into NJ one can visit the Battle ship New Jersey. This is a very large ship with 9 16in gun turrets! Apparently all 9 guns can be fired at once and the sip doesn't move. The 16in guns launch projectiles some 30 miles for coastal bombardment!! Battleships have now been superseded by Aircraft carriers.


My favourite part of the trip, the beer test! I quite liked the Sam Adams(Boston beer). This photo was taken at a restaurant in Philly. Im told the Philly cheese steak is a must have local delicacy when you visit, however im sceptical that fried steak and cheese in a bun can really be classified as a delicacy!