Santa Rosa


James(guy on the left) and i visited a company in the Santa Rosa for two weeks during our stay in the US. Here we are in the very fashionable "bunny suits", used in the clean room. There is a somewhat complicated procedure to get these things on before you can enter.


Here I am helping out in the garden. I think im a natural! I am considering a career change



This is a picture of me in a Japanese tea house. The lady on the right had built this in her back yard for the sole purpose of performing Japanese tea ceremonies.


OK, the beer test. This photo was taken at a brew pub in a town near Santa Rosa. There pubs offer sampler beer sets like the one shown. This is where you can choose for some 16 beers to sample. This special of the day was "deer chilli"! While James sampled the deer chilli, i had the "gumbo"(I can't recall exactly what this is).