I went to Vietnam so that when I came back I could say "In NAM"! I found Vietnam to be a very interesting place, lots to do and lots to see. I went on a tour, which I found to be a good way of seeing the country. I would suspect it would be difficult to get around without a guide. Unfortunately I got stuck with a group of socialist Tasmanians! I tried to calculate the odds, but I couldn't work it out.

My favorite place was supar which is a tourist hot-spot in the mountains. We did a house stay, which was really just a hotel in one of the villages, and I got drunk on rice wine! The great thing about rice wine is u don't get much of a hang-over! Supar was very beautiful and I spent 1 day by myself trekking around the hills. On the first day I trekked up a hill and when I got to the top, there was a little shop, who was very keen on selling me a coke! Hopefully the transition to capitalism will not adversely affect this area, although it has started to take hold.


I got my hair dyed when I was there. I tried to get them to do it blue! However when I finally convinced them I wanted blue, they just laughed at me. So I had to settle for blonde. Crossing the road in Vietnam is quite a difficult. Motorbikes predominate, and they are constantly on the move. A red traffic light means slow down and keep going. To cross the road, u simply walk out in the middle and people go around you. It u stop they will crash into u, as they are not expecting it!